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Postcode Anywhere is a UK-based company best known for its award-winning “what’s your postcode” technology, used to quickly complete your address when buying online.

The company’s range of services, all delivered via the internet, are specifically designed to boost business efficiency and include route optimisation, international address auto-fill, data cleansing, business information services and lifestyle profiling.

Over 8,000 customers worldwide use Postcode Anywhere for better data cleanliness, speedier form-filling and increased conversion rates.

Requisite Solutions provides integration services to bring Postcode Anywhere functionality into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution or Website. One such customer Integration was at Expert Patients Programme, who provide and deliver free courses aimed at helping people who are living with a long-term health condition to manage their condition better on a daily basis. EPP needed a way to enable a member of their telephone team to quickly identify courses in a given area, provided by the Primary Care Trust local to the end customer.

We were able to use Postcode Anywhere Goverment Data Webservices to gather this data and present it to the users within EPP's Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, enabling the user to inform the customer and quickly book them onto the most appropriate course.

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